#1 The Journey Begins

The plan moving forward

It’s been a few days since I announced this newsletter.

I received many messages asking for the plan I will follow and the resources I will use along the way. So I decided to give you a quick update about the plan I have built to move forward.

One interesting conversation I had on Twitter with some of you was about what I’m going to use for execution. For now, I would stick to the original idea:

  • Build a tool for data retrieval using free sources

  • Build the database infrastructure to store the data and make it easily accessible

  • Build a test suite to run backtesting and live testing or paper trading

  • Build a live trading system that allows simulating to buy/sell

  • Once everything else is ready, start implementing and testing some ideas and algorithms

  • Build a tool to translate buy/sell orders to Signals format

  • Finally, submit my strategies to validate how good they are

Only after completing all these steps, I’ll start thinking about execution and running the live trading system in production. I know some of these steps will sound like reinventing the wheel.

I’ll be attempting to build things on my own, hitting the roadblocks, and overcoming them using my own knowledge. Of course, I’ll use already existing tools on my way.

If you have any questions or further suggestions, please leave a comment!

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